Conflict of Interest Policy

Hepatitis C Coalition: Conflict of Interest Policy

The Hepatitis C Coalition is a group of leading patient organisations, clinicians, professional groups, industry and other interested parties committed to reducing hepatitis C-related illness and the eventual elimination of the virus.

The Coalition is made up of 23 members and wants to see a more coordinated and effective approach to testing, treating and curing people with hepatitis C quickly in the UK and greater emphasis on the prevention of new infections.

The Coalition campaigns for better coordination between the NHS, national and local government, service providers and health organisations to help reduce the number of people living with hepatitis C.

Our ultimate goal is to see hepatitis C eliminated in the UK, in line with the World Health Organisation’s target and in solidarity with the World Hepatitis Alliance’s #NoHep campaign. The group considers that this is achievable within a generation.

Like many patient organisations and campaign groups, the Hepatitis C Coalition has a secretariat which receives funding from the pharmaceutical industry; in this case equal amounts from AbbVie, Gilead Sciences and Merck Sharp & Dohme. The Coalition is transparent about this funding; it is clearly stated on our website and in all correspondence. The Coalition and each of its members retains complete independence in its activities and the content of all materials produced by the Coalition reflects the consensus or majority view of the group.

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